ZERPAGRO is a farm management software solution that aids you in making faster and better business decisions.  Good solution for farm digitalization.



Helps the farmers to improve the business operations by ensuring product quality, tracking financial transactions, facilitating the inventories, and monitoring crop production activities.


Smart Farming.

Focussed on the use of data acquired through various sources in the management of farm activities to increase the quantity and quality of products.


  1. Improved efficiency and productivity: By adopting digital technologies such as precision agriculture, farmers can optimize their crop yields, reduce waste, and increase efficiency. Sensors and drones can help farmers monitor their fields and identify areas that need attention, such as pests or nutrient deficiencies, allowing them to take corrective measures in a timely manner.
  2. Better decision-making: Digital technologies provide farmers with real-time data on weather conditions, soil moisture, and crop growth, enabling them to make informed decisions about planting, irrigation, and harvest schedules. With the help of predictive analytics, farmers can also anticipate potential issues and take preventive action.
  3. Cost reduction: Digital technologies can help farmers reduce costs associated with labor, fertilizers, and pesticides. For example, precision agriculture can help farmers apply fertilizers and pesticides only where they are needed, reducing waste and lowering input costs.
  4. Improved sustainability: Digital technologies can help farmers reduce their environmental impact by using resources more efficiently. Precision agriculture, for example, can help reduce water usage and chemical runoff, which can help protect the environment.
  5. Access to markets: Digital technologies can help farmers connect with buyers and expand their customer base. Online marketplaces can provide farmers with a platform to sell their products directly to consumers, reducing the need for intermediaries and increasing their profits.

Crop Production

On this section the cultivation process can be followed with its associated required operations.

Inventory & Budget

Inventory management, stock records, warehouse management for a better transparency.


Dashboard and report generation for inventory, timelogs and tracking the use of machines.


The activities of the smart farm designed according to a system cover the necessary operations giving an accurate picture of all its processes.


A minimalist finantian registry that manages sales, invoice, purchase orders, receptions, customers, partners, contracts, deliveries.

Farm Management

The system is the collective term for various management strategies and methods that keep a farm productive and profitable.


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Key Principles Of Development.

There are some modern principles for the development of software. By following these modern principles we can develop an efficacious software meeting all the needs of customer.











  • Take control

    Smart farms use various technologies to collect data, analyze it, and make decisions to optimize the farm's operations.

    On the basis of the created data structure we cover the most important smart farm operations which you can use to control the most important processes.

    This application is used to integrate and manage data from various sources, enabling farmers to make informed decisions about their operations. This software can also help with task scheduling, inventory management, and other farm management tasks.

  • Boost your farm performance

    The processes in hand with the different reports give the farm a boost in digitalization.

    Boosting farm performance requires a combination of effective management practices and the adoption of modern technologies. Soil testing and nutrient management, crop rotation and diversification, precision agriculture, farm management software, automation, drones and other sensors, and marketing and sales are some of the ways to improve farm performance.

  • Solid administration

    Solid administration is essential for effective farm management, as it helps farmers optimize their operations, reduce costs, and increase profitability.

    Solid administration practices are critical for effective farm management. Financial management, task scheduling, inventory management, employee management, marketing and sales, record-keeping, and compliance with regulations are all important components of solid farm administration.

    The clear data structure forms an important part of precision management which helps and supports optimal decision-making.

  • Powerful Analytics

    The different reports, graphs and dashboards all contribute to creating an accurate picture of the situation.

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